Meet Withdrawals

Please Find below a list of events for the Midland Winter Long Course Championships at Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Nottingham. Please complete the form for events that you wish to with draw from ensuring you complete all mandatory fields (Marked with a *).

Swimmer/Team Name * Club of Representation * D.o.B./Team Age *
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Event Number   Event Title  
101 Female 400m Freestyle
102 Male 200m Freestyle
103 Female 50m Breaststroke
104 Male 100m Breaststroke
105 Female 200m IM
106 Male 100m Butterfly
107 Female 100m Backstroke
108 Male 50m Backstroke
109 Female 200m Butterfly
110 Male 400m IM
201 Female 200m Backstroke
202 Male 50m Freestyle
203 Female 100m Freestyle
204 Male 200m Breaststroke
205 Female 50m Butterfly
206 Male 1500m Freestyle
316 Male Team 400m Medley Team
317 Female Team 400m Freestyle Team
401 Male 400m Freestyle
402 Female 200m Freestyle
403 Male 50m Breaststroke
404 Female 100m Breaststroke
405 Male 200m IM
406 Female 100m Butterfly
407 Male 100m Backstroke
408 Female 50m Backstroke
409 Male 200m Butterfly
410 Female 400m IM
501 Male 200m Backstroke
502 Female 50m Freestyle
503 Male 100m Freestyle
504 Female 200m Breaststroke
505 Male 50m Butterfly
506 Female 800m Freestyle
616 Female Team 400m Medley Team
617 Male Team 400m Freestyle Team