Meet Withdrawals

Please Find below a list of events for the Regional Championships Gala 3 at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. Please complete the form for events that you wish to with draw from ensuring you complete all mandatory fields (Marked with a *).

Swimmer/Team Name * Club of Representation * D.o.B./Team Age *
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Event Number   Event Title  
701 Male Team 800m Freestyle (14/16)
702 Male Team 800m Freestyle (17/OV)
703 Female 50m Butterfly
704 Male 50m Breaststroke
705 Female 50m Backstroke
706 Male 50m Freestyle
707 Female 800m Freestyle
801 Female Team 800m Freestyle (14/16)
802 Female Team 800m Freestyle (17/OV)
803 Male 50m Butterfly
804 Female 50m Breaststroke
805 Male 50m Backstroke
806 Female 50m Freestyle
807 Male 1500m Freestyle